Let’s be Unapoligetically Authentic

So since being Unapologetically Authentic is our motto, I thought for my first individual blog post after the revamp without Avery, will be more of a chilled sit down blog post where I tell you a bit about my life and who I am.

I’m not sure how long this blog post is going to be, so grab a cuppa and put on some comfy socks…

Ready? Let’s rock.

So I currently live in England and taking a peek out my window I can see it is indeed raining. What a surprise. My dream is to travel the world, but at the moment I have exams to focus on and I’m probably too young to be setting off into the wilderness alone, eh, I reckon I could Bear Grylls it in the wild. I wish to end up in LA or NYC, I’ve never lived in a city nor visited America, but I like to change a lot so maybe I’ll end up somewhere cool like Florence or Vienna. I don’t really know anything at the moment and that scares me, but I’m not supposed to, I’m just a kid and life will ‘sort itself out’. That sounds awfully optimistic, doesn’t it? Sounds like I’m destined to stay in the same part of the UK, glued to a desk job. So, possibly this blog is my escapism, mine and Avery’s chance, I just know life ain’t gonna sort itself out, I gotta do something.

Currently, that something is revising, next year I take some of the biggest exams of my life. Sounds fun right? My mum always said she’d support me through everything, so long as I got my education first. She’s right, if I do well in these I have abundances of choices of careers across the world. Since I don’t know what I’d like to do, this sounds like a good idea. Then again, revision really will be the death of me – I’m even procrastinating writing this blog post ughhh.

I’ve always wanted to be a writer and it’s one of the reasons why we started the blog – our love and enjoyment of literature. But as I got older that dream slowly faded and was replaced by becoming a ‘doctor’ or ‘engineer’. This bog is a way for me to keep that dream alight. I’ve also always loved being on the stage, at school we did Mid Summers Nights Dream last year, and I don’t think that I’ve ever felt more alive, as in that moment I was part of something amazing. Again, dreams of becoming a famous actress faded also and I guess that’s kinda sad. But who knows? Avery & I, we write scripts and maybe they’ll be on the big screen one day.

However, maybe my biggest passion is music.  Although I tend to listen to the same song over and over again (currently it’s You Really Got Me, The Kinks), I’m still that annoying friend who knows the lyrics to every song you play. Plugging my headphones in is one of my ways to zone out and take me somewhere else, I think of most of my best ideas while listening to music, as to me each song holds a story. Though it may not be connected to the lyrics, it just makes me feel a kinda way and the words flow from there.

This got me thinking, you see. What would my life be like if it was a song? What would someone write about when the heard it. But all I thought was woah, my song would be pretty flat. Cause my life is great, but not the sorta thing you write songs about, I’m also not that sorta girl. But I want to be. I want to be a Girl Boss.

Thank you for reading!!

Stay Fabulous,



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