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April 9th, 2018

— hi lovelies!!

It’s a Monday & I have nothing better to do than sit in bed with a cuppa and scroll through Pinterest. Here, an idea for a blog update was sparked and I decided to share a few of my own personal summer outfit ideas💗

{disclaimer!!: all photos are NOT my own and are taken from Pinterest, this is simply a gurl sharing what she thinks is cool and not an attempt to sell anything – enjoy!}

One of the simplest things that I wear every day in summer is a cute tee. I feel like these go with anything, shorts, jeans, dungarees, skirts etc.this casual outfit is perfect for spring break or the summer!

For summer I generally would go for bright colours, blues, whites, reds and yellows are all perfect. I think the key to always having an outfit on point isn’t having LOADS of clothes that you barely wear, its just having a few items that are versatile. A cute white tee, will go with black jeans, blue shorts, a denim skirt…

I also dig the tees and an oversized shirt over the top for those chilly summer days we especially experience here in the UK. A denim jacket could also be used for similar occasions, these can also be easily personalized with badges and buttons which is a super easy way to show off your own personal vibe and make yourself a tad different.

Moda hipster

Another thing that popped up on my Pinterest feed a lot were dungarees – [i know Avery rocks some of these]. J’adore this vibe as it’s cool & casual and good for summer, especially for going out with friends and days at the beach or kicking around the park.

 30 Chic Summer Outfit Ideas



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